What our clients say about our Spray Services

We’ve been purchasing your product since December of 2019. We originally purchased it to help with a CDIFF situation which was great. With Covid now upon us, we have been using this product each week at both of our locations (a 74-unit facility and an 81-unit facility) with great success. I love that we can disinfect our fabric sofas and chairs with the product. The spray gun and the products truly have given me piece of mind as an owner know that we are thoroughly disinfecting the building properly. It’s been a great marketing tool to explain to potential families how we’re keeping their loved ones safe during these times when families are hesitant to move their loved ones in during Covid.

G. Nield. Ashford Assisted Living & Memory Care

I am the facilities manager for a large Church. We have 4 services over the week with hundreds of parishioners in our sanctuary, restrooms, and our classrooms. I have worked with the compound BZK before so when I learned that was the non-toxic active ingredient GlanHealth provided, I informed our executives to only use the GlanHealth products and services.  I was also pleasantly surprised at the affordable pricing. Great company, great people!

P. Walters. Poway

We were concerned about how we could protect our family. We wanted something safe and effective.  After talking to the GlanHealth team we decided to give their spray service a try.  I could not be happier with their service.  The air in our house feels cleaner and smells amazing!  I now recommend GlanHealth to all my neighbors!

E. Quiroz. Temecula

I was skeptical about having people come to our house, especially in the middle of a Pandemic. I was relieved to see the GlanHealth guys show up with masks, gloves, googles and even booties!  They were very safety conscious and gentle with our furniture and environment.

G. Reid. Carlsbad

We have children and pets in our home so you can imagine our concern when looking for a spray service provider.  GlanHealth put our concerns at ease when we learned their products are Non-Toxic, alcohol-free and kill 99.99% of the germs and microbes. I’m not a scientist but that made sense to me.  Thank you, GlanHealth Team!

D. Rochells. Ramona

I own a salon with 23 contractors. They all have multiple customers and are in small quarters. We needed a service that would not cause us to shut down for a day or more.  GlanHealth was in and out in less than an hour. My contractors feel much safer and the window stickers look great too!

L. Garcia. Escondido

Our production facility needs to run 20 hours a day, 6 days a week. We have over 150 employees and 30, 000 sq ft of space, including equipment, forklifts, executive offices, restrooms, and more. GlanHealth was flexible and came in during the only time slot we had available. We now use GlanHealth hand Sanitizers and utilize their spray service every week.  Thank you for helping us keep our employees safe!

R. Dodge. San Diego

As a real estate broker one of the biggest concerns my clients have is regarding walking into environments that might not be clean and sanitized. That is why we have GlanHealth completely spray our new homes before our clients move in.  They love seeing the GlanHealth “Clean” certification displayed on the counter tops with the Certified Seal and Date of service.  The Non-Toxic spray solution also smells amazing!

J. Ortega. Scripps Ranch

My kids are going back to in-person schools and I have no idea what germs they may be bringing back into our home. We use the GlanHealth service every month as well as the Laundry Aid products.  With up to 28 days of protection we feel better about our environment and our kid’s safety.

C. Henderson. Clairmont Mesa