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UV Light, QACs, And Electrostatic Technology For Maximum Strength Cleaning

What happens when you combine UV Light and QACs with Electrostatic Technology? You get a triple threat of germ-killing power that lasts longer.
GlanHealth UV light and QAC products ensure long-lasting protection against germsgerms

UV Light & QACs Provide Long-Term Protection Against Harmful Germs

Did you know? UV light can be used as an effective surface cleaner and for various sanitizing applications. Learn how UV light is effective in killing harmful germs and bacteria.

Manicure-Safe Hand and Body Sanitizers

GlanHealth's water-based, alcohol-free hand and body sanitizers do not damage nail polish, hands, or skin.

Jewelry-Safe Cleaning and Sanitizing with QAC Products

Optimizing your jewelry-safe cleaning and sanitizing habits with GlanHealth™ hand & body sanitizers adds longevity to your jewelry.