What brand of sanitizer can you trust?

Hand sanitizer is in demand; sales have skyrocketed 300-500% since the first quarter of 2020. Many new brands emerged to meet consumer demands and now more than 130 brands are being recalled for methanol contamination and its lethal effects. The ultimate question for consumers to ask themselves is, “What brand of hand sanitizer can I trust?”

Active ingredient

There are three main components of sanitizing products and hand sanitizers: isopropyl alcohol, ethanol alcohol, and benzalkonium chloride (BZK). Many risk factors are associated with both isopropyl and ethanol alcohol-based sanitizers including accidental and intentional ingestion by children and adults, topical overuse that affects blood alcohol content, and skin irritation. Alcohol as a sanitizer is only effective during “wet time”. The recommended alcohol-based topical application “wet time” is now 30-seconds in duration; alcohol dries prior to 30-seconds initiating topical overuse.

Alcohol is a solvent used in making many industrial products including gasoline, window cleaner solution, and anti-freeze. Alcoholic beverages are used for flambéing in culinary dishes and is widely accepted as a highly flammable substance.

Benzalkonium chloride is classified as an organic salt and is an alternative to both alcohol and bleach. BZK is non-flammable, non-irritating, non-corrosive, effectively adheres to all surfaces (including electronics), and is environmentally safe.


Lack of manufacturing and formulation standards with ethanol-based alcohol hand sanitizers has produced methanol contamination and an ongoing consumer safety product recall. As little as one third (1/3) of a “shot” of methanol can lead to blindness and one “shot” of methanol can lead to death. Death by ingestion of methanol contaminated hand sanitizer has been reported.

Benzalkonium chloride-based sanitizing products are alcohol-free and, therefore, pose less risk of accidental or intentional ingestion. Repeated use of topical sanitizing products with BZK as an active ingredient are reported by medical journals to soften the skin.


A deciding factor for selecting sanitizing products is if it is long-lasting. BZK-based sanitizers are long-lasting up to 20+ hours per application on skin and surfaces. For consumers who do not desire constant re-application of alcohol-based sanitizing products (on hands, surfaces of electronics, homes, offices, public places, and forms of transportation), long-lasting BZK-based sanitizing products are proving to be an ideal, cost-effective choice.

Effective on germs

Benzalkonium chloride-based sanitizing has been in use for nearly 100-years with fighting germs, bacteria, bio-films, and spores. In a recent supply agreement with Mexico, BZK-based sanitizing products are being distributed throughout the country for healthcare facilities, commercial businesses, and consumers. When countries make wide-spread decisions, consumers should take notice.

Sanitizing science redefined

Bacteria and virus cells are negatively charged particles. Positively charged nano particles attract negatively charged microbes. A breakthrough alcohol-free, water-based sanitizing product line by GlanHealth combines the active ingredient BZK with a unique chemo-electro-mechanical mode of action.

Performing like spike strips to stop a runaway vehicle, this proprietary chemo-electro-mechanical methodology is unsurpassed in its ability to kill germs. Once the bacteria or virus cell magnetic charge is changed, causing osmosis imbalance, the cell wall membrane ruptures, lyses and explodes.

GlanHealth provides a comprehensive suite of environmentally safe sanitizing products including:

In addition, with a touchless electrostatic sprayer to reduce cross-contamination, application of GlanHealth’s sanitizing solution occurs in minutes. Sanitizing ensures public trust to once again frequent:

  • Homes, offices buildings, hotels, and warehouses
  • Grocery stores, restaurants
  • Daycares, schools, and universities
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Airplanes, busses, and cruise ships
  • City halls, community centers, government buildings
  • Gymnasiums, parks, and public restrooms
  • Churches, temples, synagogues, and houses of worship
  • Correctional facilities, jails, and prisons

GlanHealth meets the requirements of consumer trust in a sanitizing product:

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