UV Light, QACs, And Electrostatic Technology For Maximum Strength Cleaning

High-touch objects are typically categorized as those that are touched and re-touched within a 24-hour window. In this day and age, it’s imperative that daily vigilance is enacted to protect shared objects, surfaces, and high-traffic areas from harmful germs.

To neutralize airborne-to-surface germs and prevent dangerous surface cross-contamination, quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), electrostatic technology, and ultraviolet (UV) light can be combined effectively. This one-step surface cleaning process maximizes both time and resources and is environmentally responsible.

QACs were discovered in 1917 and are now found in many consumer, commercial, and industrial products. QACs are environmentally-responsible organic salt cationic surfactants (positively charged surface-active agents that can be synthesized). Cleaning and sanitizing products formulated with versatile QACs include soaps, anti-static laundry treatments, and long-lasting germ-fighting alternatives for use on a variety of surfaces, including the hands and body.

Electrostatic technology emerged in the 1940s. Studies have since revealed its superior efficiencies in reducing material waste and the uniform distribution of liquids over uneven surfaces. Today, electrostatic technology rapidly spreads cleaning solutions onto surfaces with unrivaled ease and consistency.

Ultraviolet light is commonly used indoors with ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures. There are three types of UV: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C; the latter is most effective at inactivating germs. Since the 1940s, UV light has been used to decontaminate harmful airborne germs. Today, UV-C light also neutralizes contamination in water and on a variety of surfaces.

Comparing traditional chemicals to alternative cleaning and sanitizing products reveals the safest, most efficient sanitizing methods.


Traditional cleaning and sanitizing products (namely bleach and chlorine) can produce up to 99.9% effectiveness but last only 24 hours and strict protocol must be followed to ensure safe application. Unfortunately, surface soak times of 15 minutes can result in toxic fumes and ample ventilation is required to clear the air. With daily reapplication, the risk of overexposure simply outweighs the benefits.

Many people now choose safer alternatives for maintaining long-lasting protection of personal, professional, and public spaces. World market statistics show that “green” cleaning and sanitizing products are in demand, and research proves that QACs are the safest alternatives to traditional methods.


A world leader of uniquely formulated QAC-based advanced cleaning sanitizers, GlanHealth’s revolutionary technology creates a nano-thin, triple layer of long-lasting, germ-fighting protection.

Additional benefits include:

  • Non-toxic: environmentally responsible
  • Unique mode of action: causes immediate germ cell elimination.
  • Non-flammable: no special storage required.
  • Maximum efficiency (per application):
    • Hands & body: up to 4 hours.
    • Commercial & residential surfaces: up to 28 days.
    • Industrial surfaces: Up to 90 days.
  • Time-saving, easy to use: electrostatic sprayer, handheld sprayer, sprays, and wipes.
  • Non-damaging: safe for ages, spaces, surfaces, objects, fabric types.
  • Anti-static: electronics, machine washable materials.
Sanitizing school with GlanHealth products - electrostatic sprayers

For larger spaces, GlanHealth’s professional electrostatic spray service efficiently distributes All-Purpose Surface Complete with electrostatic technology. Shielding a 2,500 sq. ft. area occurs in less than 30 minutes.

As a safer alternative to traditional methods, GlanHealth’s Portable Protection Kit is ideal for maximizing sanitizing efficiency on smaller do-it-yourself areas and surface spot treatments. Touchups are quick and easy with GlanHealth™ All-Purpose Surface Wipes. For preventing cross-contaminating of surfaces, this revolutionary kit includes a non-toxic, water-based hand sanitizer that softens hands with repeated use and is sting-free.

GlanHealth™ covers all the bases and simplifies surface, hand, and body sanitizing with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. To aid the rapid restoration of industries, institutions, and all public and private spaces, GlanHealth is a safer choice for consistently inactivating germs on contact.