‘Tis the Season to Sanitize

There’s never been a better time to sanitize safely than right now.

Newly-arrived in the U.S. and now reported in nearly 50 countries is a “more contagious and severe” threat with the potential for spread described as “enormous.” (If only the cargo that’s been waiting in U.S. harbor ports could travel with such efficiency during the holidays, right?!).

So, how did this harmful germ affect so many in such a short amount of time?

First, harmful germs – not just this latest variety – are airborne. Particles that drift in the breeze will inevitably land somewhere. Surfaces not protected with powerful, long-lasting germ-fighting compounds carry the potential to cross-contaminate other surfaces and objects by touch. Furthermore, cross-contamination continues the cascading effect of germ proliferation.

So, the spread of this latest strain tracked back to international air travel, despite all precautions taken. This point is made to recognize that each person is ultimately responsible for their safety; we simply cannot rely on infrastructure to provide us with a sense of security.

The fact remains: pathogenic germs cannot survive without a host. These opportunistic germs continue to catch a ride on unsuspecting travelers’ belongings, clothing, hands, and body as a means for their survival. This, unfortunately, continues to disrupt lives.

Early data reports from the scientific community suggest that this latest variant may be less dangerous than previous strains. However, there is much that researchers are still learning, and detailed data will not be available for weeks or even months.

For now, the timing is such that everyone is encouraged to double down on safety protocols – especially before “decking the halls” for holiday gatherings.

Is there any way to predict the severity of the latest threat combined with the traditional cold and flu season? Since the symptoms of this new strain are like that of the cold and flu, officials warn that increases in coronavirus cases will most likely occur in the coming months, stemming from participation at holiday gatherings.

Maintaining vigilance with surface and body sanitizing is vital. With the latest airborne threat attempting to disrupt holiday parties this winter, it’s wise for everyone to be aware of safety precautions and adopt extra measures for group gatherings.

Deck the Halls with Safer Sanitizer

Event planners are ready for anything, ensuring that good will and cheer is the only thing spread at holiday gatherings.

Choosing an advanced eco-friendly sanitizer has distinct advantages over traditional bleach and chlorine-based household products.


A world leader in QAC-based cleaning sanitizers, GlanHealth™ simplifies safety.

The truth is that bleach and chlorine-based products are incredibly short-lived upon application (24 hours max), and alcohol-based products are worse, with only 20 seconds of germ-fighting protection.

For holiday cheer to meet peace of mind this holiday season, using safer, longer-lasting alternative products made with QACs (quaternary ammonium compounds) is the best choice, based on equal 99.9% germ-fighting capability and long-term persistence.

Science recognizes QACs for their potent germ-fighting capability and natural, non-toxic qualities. Products formulated with QACs have been successfully used for decades in healthcare, food preparation, and other industries. They can be either as gentle as a baby wipe or as powerful as an industrial-strength cleaning sanitizer.

These unique QAC-based products speed the return of purity to industries, institutions, businesses, and homes. As a result, these materials top the environmental division of the government’s recommended list of compounds to use. Many specialty products containing QACs are found online rather than on retail store shelves, making it more accessible to discerning event planners, facilities maintenance personnel, and caretakers.

Advanced cleaning sanitizers formulated with QACs create a microscopic, triple-layer of powerful germ-fighting protection that lasts. Laboratory tested; these unique products persist on:

  • All Surfaces (porous and non-porous)
    • Commercial-grade up to 28 days
    • Industrial-grade up to 90 days
  • Hands and skin up to 4 hours

Protecting venues and guests at holiday gatherings may sound daunting. However, simply choosing a suitable advanced sanitizer creates safety efficiency, making holiday space and venue preparations fast and easy.

A quick pass with an electrostatic sprayer throughout areas where holiday events occur protects floors, walls, ceilings, vents and fans, drapery, furniture, metals, and electronics within that space for up to 90 days. Additionally, daily touch-ups to high-traffic areas with high-touch surfaces and objects are a breeze using convenient wipes and sprays.

Event registration check-in stations typically offer name badges and pens for larger holiday gatherings. Keep in mind that each sheet of labels and each writing instrument can be a launching pad for cross-contamination of harmful germs. For check-in stations, consider:

  • Providing hand sanitizer at registration
  • Make mandatory hand sanitizer use before touching pens or name badges
  • Strategically place surface and hand wipes at all high-traffic areas

If this seems like “overkill,” it is not. Businesses and institutions are mandated to thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces and shared objects reused in 24 hours. Increasing vigilance during holiday gatherings ensures maximum protection of all guests.

Rather than assign staff to continually wipe surfaces with harsh chemicals during events, QAC-based sanitizers do all the work for event hosts – naturally.

Offering the highest-quality QAC-based hand sanitizers promotes maximum mixing and mingling by guests, which is the goal of holiday gatherings.

Sanitizing Wipes

With the event venue completely shielded from harmful germs, the next step is preparing for all guests who travel to the gathering.

Especially when traveling, completely shielding oneself from harmful germs is faster and easier with advanced QAC-containing products specifically designed for:

  • Personal hand and body protection: travel-sized wipes and sprays
  • Clothing and PPE: all types of washable materials
  • Vehicles: portable handheld electrostatic sprayer
  • Luggage and carry-ons: surface cleaning sanitizer
  • Electronic devices: antistatic surface wipes

Since the pandemic began, family and friends’ groups have surpassed business traveler bookings. Many groups are setting out on road trips to outdoor destinations with stays in long-term rentals like Airbnb, especially during the holiday season.

Getting to those destinations is another story. Did you know that vehicles are hotbeds for trapping harmful germs? It’s true (unfortunately). Luckily, advances made in the development of cleaning sanitizers have resulted in practical ways to create complete protection on high-touch, daily use surfaces – including every nook and cranny within cars. When traveling to holiday gatherings by vehicle, consider packing a Portable Protection Kit for daily maintenance.

Whatever product you decide to use in your vehicle, try to avoid alcohol or bleach-based formulas – particularly on steering wheels, as these chemicals are known to deteriorate various finishes.

Furthermore, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have gained a bad reputation for flammability during the pandemic. A safer, ideal alternative is a non-flammable, alcohol-free, QAC-based hand sanitizer for glove box storage.

If we already know that eco-friendly compounds are available now for safer sanitizing, isn’t it more advantageous to use these natural products with equal or better capability instead of toxic chemicals?

While this remains a personal choice, perhaps this is why the world is adopting more green cleaning and sanitizing products during the pandemic.

GlanHealth Family Pack

A Complete Sanitizing System

The holidays are indeed much brighter knowing that GlanHealth™ products provide persistent peace of mind for anything that’s touchable and washable.

A world leader in QAC-formulated cleaning sanitizers is GlanHealth™, whose team of scientists have formulated its advanced products as safer alternatives for protecting people and places.

Designed with youth safety in mind, the GlanHealth™ brand provides a welcomed, no-sting hand sanitizer that’s great for families, especially young children.

For sanitizing washable materials, not all laundry products are created equally. Many promote germ-fighting capability. Yet, if you read the fine print, you’ll quickly determine that some laundry sanitizers are only formulated for specific harmful germs, not the root cause of today’s most significant threats to people and the planet.

GlanHealth™ Laundry Shield is a powerful protector for all washable materials with up to 28 days of germ-fighting capability. Added benefits of Laundry Shield include softening fabric, eliminating static, and neutralizing bacteria that cause biofilm odors from the standing water inside washing machines. These combined capabilities provide significant time and cost savings. As a bonus, materials treated with GlanHealth™ Laundry Shield smell fresh and clean with a light citrus scent.

Laundry Tip: GlanHealth™ All-Purpose Surface Complete spray used on (and in) laundry baskets and hampers prevent harmful germs from cross-contaminating. 

GlanHealth Laundry Shield

Gain Persistent Peace of Mind with GlanHealth™

Health experts encourage people to be “watchful,” taking the latest developments very seriously. But rest assured that GlanHealth’s complete system of germ-fighting protection shields venues and people for hours, days, and months per application for maximum protection throughout the holidays.

“Did you apply hand sanitizer?” is no longer the question. Instead, the better question is, “Did you use GlanHealth™ on all surfaces and put the hand wipes in strategic places for all guests?”

To learn more about GlanHealth™ advanced, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning sanitizers with QACs, go to https://glanhealth.com/sanitizing-products/.