Sanitizing fitness centers & gym equipment

A major question on the minds of fitness enthusiasts these days is would they return to a public gym? As businesses strive to reestablish operations, two recent market surveys shed light on gym members’ states of mind.

In one survey, eighty percent of 1,000 participants ages 25-54 who exercise at least once per month said they would return to a public fitness facility. Additional market data reveals:

  • Sanitizing is a deciding factor for choosing a health club to join (46.8%).
  • Extra safety precautions would motivate them to return to the gym (26.7%).

A separate global survey of 11,193 gym members from 142 countries indicates that the U.S. and the U.K. are two of the largest markets for gyms. Additionally, in the U.S. alone since the global health crisis emerged, a 31.63% loss in gym memberships has occurred and 15.80% of members have paused.

Based on market research, fitness facilities seeking to regain membership must establish and adhere to effective sanitizing regimens.


Harmful germs can travel through the air, are tracked in by shoes, and proliferate on surfaces. Although traditional sanitizing and disinfectant chemicals may be recommended on gym equipment (alcohol, chlorine, and bleach-based products), they can ultimately damage rubber mats, handles, resistance bands, wood floors, upholstery, and much more. The “wet time” effectiveness of each chemical varies; alcohol is 20-seconds while bleach and chlorine are 15-minutes. These chemicals release toxic fumes and are harmful to guests.

New sanitizing science research brings both a breath of fresh air and a ray of optimism to the fitness industry. The latest research data proves that non-toxic quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) are more effective for long-term sanitizing of all surfaces, hands, and skin. Furthermore, QAC-based products now top the government’s list of products for “restoring industries and businesses”.

Restoring the confidence of gym members to return to fitness facilities requires a dedicated approach to equipment and facility cleaning and sanitizing. Using the most effective products on the market, guests will feel assured that their safety is the gym’s top priority. Areas that must be constantly cleaned and sanitized include:

  • Entrances, exits, reception, and lobbies
  • Doorknobs, lighting controls, environmental controls
  • Handrails, stairs, and elevators
  • Floors, carpet, mats, furniture, chairs
  • Exercise machines, treadmills, climbing walls
  • Free weights, resistance equipment
  • Restrooms
  • Locker rooms, showers, pools, saunas, and drains
  • Dining and food service areas
  • Childcare facilities
  • Electronics and point-of-sale equipment
  • Facility walls, windows, and air vents

The best fitness facility maintenance cleaning and sanitizing procedures restore confidence by preventing the spread of harmful germs that can create illness. Standardizing on long-lasting, highly effective cleaning & sanitizing products formulated with QACs can ensure extended safety while saving gyms time and money.

GlanHealth™, the world leader in QAC-based cleaning and sanitizing solutions, has created a comprehensive system to address facility maintenance on a long-term basis. Benefits include:

  • Long-lasting protection (per application):
    • Commercial product – up to 28 days
    • Hand and skin sanitizers – up to 4 hours
  • Safe to use on all porous and non-porous surfaces (fabric, upholstery, and carpet)
  • Anti-static, safe to use on electronics
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly
  • Non-flammable, non-irritating, and non-corrosive
  • Regularly-scheduled facility electrostatic spray service provides complete protection



Providing fitness facility staff and gym members the safest, most effective hand, skin, and surface sanitizers proactively shields all from harmful germs on a long-term basis.

GlanHealth™ designed its non-toxic cleaning and sanitizing solutions with high-touch, high-traffic businesses in mind. Simplifying a fitness facility cleaning, sanitizing, and ongoing maintenance procedure is easy with the following GlanHealth™ recommended products like:

Sanitizing Wipes for Surfaces: Clean and deodorize after each use of gym equipment with the powerful protection of GlanHealth™ All-Purpose Surface Wipes. Non-hazardous, alcohol-free, bleach, and chlorine-free, GlanHealth™ wipes are effective on all surfaces with protection that lasts for up to 28 days.

GlanHealth™ Sanitizing Hand Wipes are alcohol-free, non-toxic, and provide persistent protection for up to 4 hours.

GlanHealth™ surface cleaning & sanitizer in electrostatic sprayers provides 360-degree floor-to-ceiling coverage.  A 2,500 sq. foot space is covered in less than 30 minutes.

Schedule GlanHealth’s electrostatic sanitizing spray services here: