Sanitizing – an emerging trend for real estate

According to a recent emerging trends report in real estate, “Eighty-two percent of survey respondents say health and well-being will become an important factor across all real estate sectors, particularly hotels, office buildings, and restaurants.” The real estate market is clearly focused on overcoming challenges imposed by the global pandemic.

Virtual showings have become the first line of action with selecting a property. Making a vacant and furnished listing visually appealing requires professional staging services, cleaning, and then sanitizing before and after a virtual property is selected for an in-person showing.

Although national real estate guidance is given to not touch fixtures or surfaces in a property, it is inevitable that microbes will come into the property with in-person showings. Life is not sterile. Just opening a door to a property lets in airborne microbes. Shoes track in microbes. People breathe microbes. National real estate guidance also states that agents must sanitize after each walk-through with an appropriate product designated by the property owner or selling agent.

When preparing for virtual and in-person real estate showings, conscientious agents will consider what will attract or repel a prospective occupant; each must be aware of sanitizing safety protocols to increase closure rate.


Leaving vacant commercial and residential properties in populated areas decreases property values. A recent U.S. housing data report indicates, “1.5 million (1,570,265) residential properties in the United States are vacant”.  For enterprising real estate professionals, filling vacant properties with businesses and occupants is lucrative for the corresponding local economy to continue receiving services and property tax benefits.

Staging vacant properties, according to real estate industry professionals, “…is well worth the cost.” Staging a property is renting furniture and creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for prospective occupants to picture what it would be like to work or live in an available property. Statistics on professionally prepared homes are:

  • 33 to 50% less time on the market
  • 20% higher sale price resulting in an extra 8 to 10% return

In today’s microbe-aware environment, it is necessary to thoroughly sanitize anything in a dwelling for in-person showings. After professional staging is complete, or after rearranging of an already furnished home for aesthetics, a professional cleaning is needed. The final step is safe sanitizing to addressing microbes on all furniture, surfaces, fixtures, appliances, door handles, light switches – anything that is touchable. Since the sanitizing product of choice is left up to the property owner or selling agent, it is necessary to know what types of sanitizing are available and how these substances can potentially affect the in-person walk-through experience.


National real estate guidance for showing properties states, “Wipe down any surfaces touched during the showing with a sanitizing wipe or disinfecting cleaner, as requested by seller, and suggest the seller also disinfect the property.”

For agents, sellers, property managers, and property owners, it is vital to note that specific sanitizing methodology can either attract or repel potential occupants. Fumes from specific sanitizing products can create nausea and subconscious association of a bad experience with a realtor. The last thing a real estate professional wants is to have their clients associate nausea with their services.

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