Manicure-Safe Hand and Body Sanitizers

Despite the world’s health crisis, the nail care industry is rapidly growing. More and more people are choosing hand and nail care worldwide, and a new report estimates the global market will reach $11.6 billion by 2027. This gaudy figure includes nail polish as a major sector for growth. Ultimately, that begs the question: could the growth of the nail polish market and the nail salon industry be a direct response to ongoing hand hygiene protocols?

Recommended hand hygiene is the use of warm water and soap or a hand sanitizer. Applying hand sanitizer is easy: rub it on the hands, ensuring coverage between fingers and under fingernails. Medical research has indicated the area beneath fingernails is tough to clean and harbors microorganisms. As a result, artificial nails are known to trap a higher concentration of germs compared to natural nails.

The final step of using hand sanitizer is allowing it to air dry without wiping, rinsing, or touching the eyes, nose, or mouth immediately after use.

When it comes to nail care, hand hygiene protocols do not clearly state that rubbing alcohol and alcohol-based hand sanitizer strips nail polish, unfortunately.

GlanHealth™ alcohol-free hand sanitizers do not damage nail polish

Additionally, the overuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizer takes its toll on the skin. Experts cite the fact that constant use can dry out nails and nail beds and leave them brittle. Hand sanitizer wipes have been recommended to avoid fingernails during application. However, avoiding the nail area is counter-productive to today’s hand hygiene protocols.

Hands constantly touch objects and surfaces. As such, updated guidance includes cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces and objects daily to ensure protection from harmful germs. Hand hygiene and surface sanitizing safety mandates are likely causing consumers to seek hand and nail care to repair damage from exposure to corrosive chemicals and excessive use of soap and water.

Choosing an alcohol-free, non-damaging, non-toxic hand sanitizer is the key to preserving a fresh manicure while improving hand and nail health. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers, with the approved active ingredient benzalkonium chloride (a quaternary ammonium compound – QAC), are potent germ fighters.

GlanHealth™ hand sanitizers: safe for hands, skin, nails, and manicures

Thankfully, Dalrada Health’s safer, non-corrosive QAC sanitizers protect hands and skin from harmful germs for up to 4 hours. GlanHealth’s advanced, water-based, alcohol-free hand and body sanitizer does not damage nail polish, hands, or skin. Advanced hand sanitizers from GlanHealth™ soothe dry, chapped hands and soften skin with repeated use. These unique sanitizers are gentle on sensitive skin and do not sting.

If hands and nails show signs of distress from excessive hand hygiene practices, look to these products for gentle, more effective alternatives.


Advanced Hand Sanitizer by GlanHealth forms a nano-thin, microscopic germ-fighting barrier on the skin that takes effect in just 15 seconds while gently moisturizing and never stinging. Travel-size bottles and wipes are available.

GlanHealth’s Sanitizing Body Spray and Antimicrobial Wound & Skin Therapy products repair damaged skin and provide hours of on-the-go protection.

For additional information on all GlanHealth products that are safe and gentle on hands, body, nails, and nail polish, click here!