How To Open An Eco-Friendly Sanitizing Business

Did you know that? Opening an eco-friendly sanitizing business may actually help address the world’s ongoing climate crisis. For starters, when opening this type of business, researching current evidence-based cleaning and sanitizing methods – and choosing the safest available products is a must.

Consumers are becoming aware of alcohol-free products that work, especially as sanitizing research increasingly proves that quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) like those from GlanHealth™ are superior to traditional cleaning and sanitizing methods (alcohol, chlorine, and bleach). Because of this, QAC-based products are quickly becoming the recommended solution for many industries and businesses.

The top 10 markets tracked as the most heavily impacted by the recent pandemic include:

  • Hotels
  • Performing Arts & Sports
  • Furniture & Home Furnishing Stores
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Motion Pictures & Sound Recording
  • Laundry & Personal Services
  • Clothing Stores
  • Amusement Parks & Casinos
  • Scenic Transportation (Air, Land, Sea)

How can QACs aid the restoration of these industries?


For industries, institutions, and businesses seeking a breath of fresh air and peace of mind, standardizing non-toxic, eco-friendly QAC-based hand sanitizing products for regular day-to-day cleaning is a wise choice. QACs are classified as organic salts and can be synthesized. QACs have powerful natural germ-fighting, sanitizing capabilities and have been used for more than 90 years. They’re also found in everyday products from baby wipes to shampoo.

As the world leader in QAC-based sanitizing, GlanHealth™ researched the purest path to sanitizing safety. The company distributes its powerful non-toxic sanitizing products that are safe for the  hands and skin, as well as a collection of deep cleaners and deodorizers for virtually every surface. GlanHealth’s alcohol-free formulas are backed by science and eliminate harmful germs and bacteria in any situation ― in the home, the workplace, or on the go. These unique, all-natural solutions provide extra protection that lasts. GlanHealth™ products have been tested for quality, efficacy, and safety.

Anti-static by nature, QACs are safe to use on all electronics and fabrics. Furthermore, QACs are non-corrosive, non-flammable, and safe for use on all metals. High-traffic, high-touch areas are easily cleaned with handheld sprays and wipes that offer added protection without evaporating. People of all ages who have experienced the over-drying effect of alcohol-based hand sanitizer appreciate GlanHealth’s water-based, alcohol-free, no-sting formulations with aloe vera that soften skin with each use.

The natural ability for QACs to instantly build a shield of protection on any surface requires less product. Materials used on an as-needed basis translate to less product waste and additional cost savings for business owners/operators and consumers.


With GlanHealth™ products and services, there are many avenues from which to create your sanitizing business, including:

Affiliate Program:
Use appropriate web links to earn referral compensation.

Private Label Program:
Create and customize your own brand of hand and body sanitizers, surface cleaners, and sanitizing wipes.

Sanitizing Spray Services:
Quickly restore floor-to-ceiling germ-fighting protection for up to 28 days using electrostatic sprayers and GlanHealth™ products.

Wholesale Distribution:
Supplying eco-friendly sanitizing products requires no additional off-site storage; QACs are non-flammable.

Stock up on with GlanHealth™ hand sanitizers, soap, surface wipes, and other specialty products ideal for a variety of applications, including food preparation and laundry service.