GlanHealth™ sanitizing products provide unrivaled effectiveness and persistence

In today’s environment, ways to combat the spread of harmful germs and bacteria are top of mind with consumers and businesses around the world. A science breakthrough used by GlanHealth™ is being deployed globally and it is transforming the sanitizing industry. The GlanHealth™  technology in sanitizing is:

  • alcohol-free and bleach-free
  • non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • scientifically proven to be long-lasting (persists 4 hours on skin, 20+ days on surfaces)
  • safe on all surfaces – including electronics
  • unsurpassed in its ability to kill harmful germs and bacteria

GlanHealth’s science of sanitizing

Scientifically proven to provide a triple-strength, nano, antimicrobial barrier for protection lasting hours on skin and weeks on surfaces, GlanHealth™ sanitizing products offer the world a safe and innovative way to combat the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. GlanHealth™ products incorporate antimicrobial action that is achieved by the synergy of ingredients targeting microbes.

The core of GlanHealth’s technology is a highly effective blend of quaternary amines (QAC) in a revolutionary, extremely effective film-forming formulation.  The backbone of the technology is a safe and stable polymer that adheres to surfaces and on the skin forming a nano film layer.  The antimicrobial agents naturally bond to the film layer creating a long-lasting germ fighting barrier.  Compared to typical alcohol-based products, GlanHealth’s solution does not evaporate allowing for safe, reliable, long-term protection.

Mechanism of action

As with magnets, opposites attract. The same principle now applies to sanitizing; positively charged nano particles attract negatively charged microbes. Bacteria and virus are negatively charged particles.

New trends in antibiotic development target bacteria cell surface agents to reduce development of resistance by pathogens. GlanHealth’s technology functions the same way by targeting bacteria and virus cell surfaces. By manipulating the electrostatic behavior of the cell surface and surrounding fluids, GlanHealth’s products produce a pulling force that disrupts cell membrane stability, pierces the cell wall, and causes death of bacteria and virus cells.

GlanHealth™ products deliver positively charged disinfectant or sanitizer nano particles through a unique chemo-elecro-mechanical mode of action that is unsurpassed in its ability to kill germs.

Peace of mind – in business and life

GlanHealth™ sanitizing is revolutionizing how the world gets back to business and life with use cases in healthcare, transportation, hospitality, foods & services, government & business offices, prison systems, schools & universities, manufacturing facilities, entertainment & sports venues, and more.

In contrast to alcohol-based sanitizers that are only effective during “wet time” lasing less than 30-seconds, GlanHealth™ products last up to 4 hours per application on skin and 20+ days on surfaces.

An FDA recall has affected more than 130 brands of alcohol-based sanitizers for methanol contamination. While alcohol-based hand sanitizer overuse can lead to traceable alcohol content in the blood and other serious health conditions including death, GlanHealth™ products are safe with repeated use, are non-toxic, and are environmentally safe.

For decision makers seeking a trusted brand of sanitizing products, GlanHealth™ is an an ideal, cost-effective choice. GlanHealth™ is bleach-free, alcohol-free, and long lasing for use on surfaces of electronics, homes, offices, public places, and all forms of transportation.

Sanitizing from surfaces to skin

One of the active ingredients used in the GlanHealth’s sanitizing solution formulation has been in use for nearly 100-years with fighting germs, bacteria, bio-films, and spores. GlanHealth™ provides a revolutionary suite of environmentally safe sanitizing products including:

  • Advanced hand sanitizer
  • Sanitizing hand wipes
  • Sanitizing body spray
  • Antimicrobial wound and skin therapy
  • Sanitizing soap
  • All-purpose surface cleaner
  • Sanitizing surface wipes
  • Laundry additive
  • Mold and mildew prevention

Sanitizing Products

In addition, with a touchless electrostatic sprayer to reduce cross-contamination, application of GlanHealth™ sanitizers occurs in minutes. GlanHealth™ sanitizing ensures public trust to once again frequent:

  • Homes, offices buildings, hotels, and warehouses
  • Grocery stores, restaurants
  • Daycares, schools, and universities
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Airplanes, busses, and cruise ships
  • City halls, community centers, government buildings
  • Gymnasiums, parks, and public restrooms
  • Churches, temples, synagogues, and houses of worship
  • Addiction treatment facilities
  • Correctional facilities, jails, and prisons