Disinfecting Doesn’t Have to be Dangerous

Now, more than ever, we’re learning about the importance of sanitizing and disinfecting the areas where we spend a majority of our time, including our homes and workplaces. The disinfectants used to neutralize harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses certainly do a great job in deep cleaning, however, the use of these products rarely comes without a cost.

Even the word “disinfectant” likely conjures up a mental image of the classic white spray bottle – as well as a familiar bleach-like smell and the accompanying burning sensation that causes your eyes to water. It’s a very real and vivid recollection, most likely because you’ve experienced it. While many of us tend to think that a cleaning product has to burn to be effective by containing bleach or alcohol, that’s simply not the case.

GlanHealth’s lineup of disinfecting products contain natural ingredients including Benzalkonium chloride, an alternative to both alcohol and bleach. Below is a short lineup of popular GlanHealth products that are as safe as they are effective.

Hand Sanitizer: GlanHealth’s Advanced Hand Sanitizer represents a true breakthrough in germ killing. With a single pump, the unique, fast-acting, alcohol-free disinfectant provides a protective nano antimicrobial barrier on the hands and providing at least four hours of protection, while gently moisturizing the skin with aloe vera.

Hand Soap: A natural solution for daily cleansing needs, GlanHealth Advanced Sanitizing Soap effectively eliminates up to 99.99% of harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, and bio-films. Ideal for both personal or commercial use, this water-based soap keeps skin soft and moisturized with soothing aloe vera.

Surface Cleaner: this powerful disinfectant is effective on all surfaces and fabrics and kills bacteria, germs, and viruses on contact. GlanHealth All Purpose Surface Complete is non-hazardous and forms a strong bond with virtually any surface, creating an antimicrobial shield that provides extended protection.

Laundry Additive: Laundry Shield by GlanHealth sanitizes, deodorizes, and softens any machine-washable fabrics. Like all GlanHealth products, Laundry Shield is bleach and chlorine free, making it a safe and mild laundry additive. It’s also fact-acting and helps remove unpleasant odors without damaging or discoloring sensitive fabrics.

Interested in learning more about GlanHealth’s breakthrough sanitizing products? Give us a call: 855-862-1526 or send an email: customerservice@glanhealth.com. Remember, disinfecting doesn’t have to be dangerous. Stay safe. Stay sanitized!

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