Dalrada Health Compassionate Care Program

Dalrada Health, a subsidiary of Dalrada Financial Corp. (OTC Pink: DFCO), established the Dalrada Compassionate Care Program to serve global communities including those recovering from natural disasters.

In response to Hurricane Laura, the strongest hurricane to hit the state of Louisiana since 1856, the Dalrada Compassionate Care Program provided a donation of GlanHealth’s alcohol-free sanitizing products to aid the community as it faces clean-up and rebuilding.

Dalrada’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Bonar, states “From the entire Dalrada family, our hearts and spirits are with the residents of Louisiana who are facing devastation from the natural disaster created by Hurricane Laura. While COVID-19 prevents many out-of-state from volunteering with the massive clean-up effort, it is our hope that this donation of our company’s long-lasting sanitizing products will provide comfort, peace of mind, and convey our support from a distance.”

GlanHealth’s advanced, hydrating, alcohol-free sanitizing products provide a three-phased science-based approach to hand, body, fabric, and surface sanitizing. GlanHealth’s advance in the science of sanitizing is an electro-chemo-mechanical process that creates vulnerability in the cell walls of microbes; magnetic charges cause osmosis imbalance, the cell wall membrane ruptures, lyses, and explodes resulting in cell death.

For personal anti-microbial protection, GlanHealth’s skincare products include a Sanitizing Body Spray, Hand Sanitizer. These unique formulations last for up to four hours per application, are safe with repeated use, and softens skin. Personal care products by GlanHealth™ also include laundry additive and soap.

Surface sanitizing with GlanHealth’s industry breakthrough alcohol-free microbial defense system is safe to use on all surfaces including metals and electronics. Application of GlanHealth’s sanitizing solution with a touchless electrostatic surface sprayer reduces cross-contamination and occurs in minutes persisting for more than 20-days per application. GlanHealth™ also addresses mold and mildew sanitizing and prevention.

For additional information visit https://glanhealth.com/all-products/sanitizing-products/