Spring and Summer is prime weather seasons for travel. These travel trends indicate an increase in road trips, camping, air travel, and cruises. Whether a staycation or a vacation, a must-have for all travelers is immediate access to long-lasting moisturizing hand sanitizer.

Upon embarking on coastal beach outings, road and camping trips, or visits to national parks, travelers are excited to experience fresh air and the natural wonders of the outdoors. The last thing on a traveler’s mind is reapplying hand sanitizer every 20 seconds. A long-lasting hand sanitizer that is effective for hours is the perfect choice for adventures by land, sea, and air.

Still, a question remains: “Which hand sanitizer meets both personal and travel safety standards?”


Natural elements of the sun and wind as well as cold and dry climates dehydrate and damage skin. Discerning travelers must choose between traditional hand sanitizers or new, advanced hand sanitizers.

Safety always comes first. Air travelers are permitted a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in carry-on bags that are screened through security checkpoints. These travel-sized containers must be less than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) per item. So, which hand sanitizers are allowed on airplanes and which hand sanitizers are the best for airplanes? We’re getting there!

Other important questions to consider include: which brands contain moisturizers and which are long-lasting and travel-sized? Likewise, what products are best for on the road applications or sanitizing in a hotel room, for instance?

GlanHealth hand sanitizer products kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria, protects up to 4 hours, and is FDA registered.

Of the three FDA-approved active ingredients in hands sanitizer, only one is proven long-lasting by science research: alcohol-free benzalkonium chloride (BZK). BZK is classified as an effective quaternary ammonium compound (organic salt that can be synthesized). While overuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizer may dry and damage the skin, BZK-based hand sanitizers are naturally non-toxic, long-lasting, and soften skin with repeated use.

Traveling and experiencing the great outdoors can dehydrate skin. Advanced hand sanitizers that include the healing botanical aloe vera, can help to replace moisture and repair skin damage while protecting for hours.

Ultimately, the best hand sanitizer choice for travelers is an advanced hand sanitizer that is alcohol-free, water-based, and contains aloe.


These days, choosing the best travel hand sanitizer requires due diligence by consumers to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are included in a manufacturer’s formulations.

GlanHealth™ revolutionized the alcohol-free advanced hand sanitizer global market making safer, longer-lasting, water-based products available worldwide.
GlanHealth’s Advanced Hand Sanitizers effectively protect against germs with 99.9% effectiveness, moisturize skin with water and aloe vera, provide protection for up to 4-hours per application, are alcohol-free, bleach-free, non-toxic, and are FDA registered.

GlanHealth™ restores trust in resuming travel anywhere, anytime.


GlanHealth™ kept travelers of all ages in mind with their formulations and convenient travel-sized packaging, Advanced Hand Sanitizers for travelers include:

Hands and body – Up to four hours of protection from germs and bacteria

Simply apply to hands once every four hours to experience the difference of soothing aloe vera that leaves hands refreshed and clean. GlanHealth’s alcohol-free Advanced Hand Sanitizer forms a nano-thin, microscopic antimicrobial barrier on the skin that takes effect in 15 seconds, while gently moisturizing and never stinging. Travel size bottles and natural sanitizing wipes are available for added convenience.

GlanHealth™ products provide hours of protection on the go.

Picture of Glanhealth advanced hand sanitizer 2 fluid ounce bottle for traveling and on-the-go purposes