Person scanning the ingredients of different bottles of hand sanitizers

Is All Hand Sanitizer the Same?

Sanitizers are essential in preventing the spread of germs and keeping our hands clean. However, with so many different brands and types of sanitizers on the market, many people have questions: "Are all hand sanitizers the same?" Read more to…
Person applying hand sanitizer to his hands

What Is in Hand Sanitizer?

Also known as hand antiseptic, hand sanitizer is a gel, foam, or liquid that helps fight germs when soap and water are unavailable. It’s an effective alternative to washing hands with soap and water. They work by either inactivating the microorganisms…
Woman wearing a mask while spraying a hand sanitizer in her hands

How to Use Hand Sanitizer

A hand sanitizer is the quickest and the most effective way to clean your hands when soap and water are not available. It kills the bacteria and viruses present on your hands and prevents the spread of infections. Knowing how to use hand sanitizer…
Mother pouring hand sanitizer for her daughter

Is Hand Sanitizer Bad for Kids?

Hand sanitizers are essential when we cannot access water and soap is not available. They are also a preferred choice for cleaning hands when caring for young children to help prevent the spread of germs. However, the question many people ask…
Person using a sanitizer in a public space

What Is the Correct Way to Use a Sanitizer?

Sanitizers are one of the best ways to get rid of any lingering germs on your hands and ensure that they are clean and safe. However, many do not know how to use a sanitizer correctly. So, what is the correct way to use a sanitizer? What Is…
Illustration of how hand sanitizers kill germs

How Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Germs?

Hand sanitizers are an acceptable way to clean your hands in the absence of soap and water. They are efficient, convenient, and portable. Consequently, they were one of the first things to fly off the shelves when Covid-19 took over the world…
Person with soap lathered hands

Is Hand Sanitizer Better Than Soap?

Using hand sanitizers has become a common practice. You can find them at store entrances, in restaurants, around the mall, in your gym, and so on. Most of us also carry a small sanitizer bottle in our cars or bags. However, is hand sanitizer…
Hand holding a sanitizer

What Type of Hand Sanitizer Works Best?

Hand sanitizers are repeatedly endorsed as being very effective against various germs. Scientists have also encouraged us to adopt a proper hand hygiene regime, including regular hand washing with soap and water, to combat the coronavirus and…
Couple holding hand sanitizers

What Does Hand Sanitizer Do?

The pandemic early months compelled us to adopt a few precautionary measures. One of these is carrying a hand sanitizer everywhere we go. Consequently, the number of hand sanitizers sold in the U.S increased by 73%, yet what does hand sanitizer…
GlanHealth Sanitizer for Airplanes
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Is Hand Sanitizer Allowed on Airplanes?

Worried about bringing hand sanitizer on an airplane? Don’t be! Read our new blog and learn what’s permitted and how much you can bring on your next trip.
GlanHealth Sanitizing Bathroom

How to Properly Deep Clean a Bathroom

Learn how to properly deep clean a bathroom, including the best way to clean a toilet. Often repulsive, yet necessary, proper bathroom cleaning is a health issue.
GH Benzalkonium Chloride

Is Benzalkonium Chloride Safe in Hand Sanitizer

Highly-toxic products are being added to sanitizers. Learn about these hazardous chemicals and why benzalkonium chloride is the safer choice for hand sanitizers.
GlanHealth Hand Hygiene

Importance of Hand Hygiene, Best Practices & Products

Learn about the importance of proper hand hygiene techniques, the best-selling hand sanitizing products, and discover recommendations for continuous protection.
GlanHealth Safe Hand Sanitizer

How to Know if Hand Sanitizer is Safe

Have you ever wondered what the best and safest hand sanitizers are or how to use them? Read our latest blog and discover how to know if hand sanitizer is safe.
Overcoming Skin Reactions from Hand Sanitizers

Overcoming Skin Reactions from Hand Sanitizers

Did you know? Skin reactions and irritations due to excessive hand sanitizer use are quite common. Fortunately, overcoming these skin reactions is easy.
There’s never been a better time to sanitize safely than right now.

‘Tis the Season to Sanitize

With the holiday season already upon us, there’s never been a better time to sanitize safely than right now. Read our latest article and learn the best ways to stay safe.
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Making Safe Sanitizing a Healthy Habit

Learn time and cost-saving sanitizing tips, how to maintain safe spaces, and discover how science has inspired lifestyle-driven sanitizer products.

Manicure-Safe Hand and Body Sanitizers

GlanHealth's water-based, alcohol-free hand and body sanitizers do not damage nail polish, hands, or skin.

Jewelry-Safe Cleaning and Sanitizing with QAC Products

Optimizing your jewelry-safe cleaning and sanitizing habits with GlanHealth™ hand & body sanitizers adds longevity to your jewelry.

Private Labeling: Strategic Branding Leaves a Lasting Impression

Advance your brand with a private label! GlanHealth’s private labeling and white labeling services make branding easy with high-quality sanitizing products.