Safety First: Back to School

Go back-to-school with GlanHealth™ non-toxic and eco-friendly sanitizing solutions! Protection up to 28 days on surfaces and up to 4 hours on the hands and body.

Sanitizing Fitness Centers & Gym Equipment

Sanitizing gyms and fitness centers is easy with GlanHealth’s powerful non-toxic, long-lasting products designed for high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces.

Choosing The Best Advanced Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer For Travel

Choosing the best advanced moisturizing hand sanitizer for travel purposes has never been easier! GlanHealth restores traveler trust with lasting sanitizing solutions.

Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Ensures Public Safety

GlanHealth™ alcohol-free wall mount hand sanitizers increase public safety. Non-toxic quaternary ammonium compound BZK-based formulations are gentle on skin and last up to 4-hours per application.

Hand Sanitizer Safety For Children

GlanHealth™ hand sanitizers increase child safety. Alcohol-free, non-flammable, eco-friendly hand sanitizers with quaternary ammonium compound BZK are gentler on skin and long-lasting for up to 4-hours per application.
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History of hand sanitizers

In the absence of soap and water, it has become common practice to use a hand sanitizer. Urban legend states that hand sanitizer was invented in the U.S. in 1966; proof, however, is inconclusive.