Air Travel – Complete Sanitizing Checklist for Passengers and Aviators

GlanHealth’s complete cabin, cockpit, and carry-on approach to air travel sanitizing provides peace of mind with commercial and private flights.

Revolutionary Mold & Mildew Cleaner & Prevention

GlanHealth’s safe, non-toxic mold and mildew sanitizer is made with EPA listed ingredients with an FDA-approved active ingredient for long-lasting protection up to 28-days on all surfaces. Alcohol-free, bleach-free, and chlorine-free mold prevention is simple and just a spray away.

Safe Economical Textile Cleaning And Sanitizing

GlanHealth’s alcohol-free, Surface Complete cleans and sanitizes spaces, surfaces, and textiles including leather, metal and electronics. This unique, cost-effective all-purpose formulation lasts up to 28-days per application.

Functional Skincare Products for Daily Repair and Maintenance

In a world with millions of skincare products, finding the ideal product that is safe and effective can be quite a challenge. Learn how you can identify safe, alcohol-free skin repair and maintenance products for everyday use.

History of hand sanitizers

In the absence of soap and water, it has become common practice to use a hand sanitizer. Urban legend states that hand sanitizer was invented in the U.S. in 1966; proof, however, is inconclusive.

GlanHealth™ sanitizing products provide unrivaled effectiveness and persistence

In today’s environment, ways to combat the spread of bacteria and virus are top of mind with consumers and businesses around the world. A science breakthrough used by GlanHealth™ is being deployed globally and it is transforming the sanitizing industry.