The On-The-Go Safety Solution for Every Need

Check out the new Portable Protection Kit for the best on-the-go sanitizing solution available. Ideal for multiple industries, professions, and personal use.

Private Labeling: Strategic Branding Leaves a Lasting Impression

Advance your brand with a private label! GlanHealth’s private labeling and white labeling services make branding easy with high-quality sanitizing products.

Liquid Foam Or Gel Hand Sanitizer – Which Is Best?

Liquid, Foam, or Gel Hand Sanitizers: Which is the ideal choice? GlanHealth™ provides the answer – and more time to confidently enjoy life.

Choosing The Best Advanced Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer For Travel

Choosing the best advanced moisturizing hand sanitizer for travel purposes has never been easier! GlanHealth restores traveler trust with lasting sanitizing solutions.

Green cost-savings with GlanHealth™ eco-friendly cleaning & protection

GlanHealth’s eco-friendly green cleaning and sanitizing products save consumers time and money.

Air Travel – Complete Sanitizing Checklist for Passengers and Aviators

GlanHealth’s complete cabin, cockpit, and carry-on approach to air travel sanitizing provides peace of mind with commercial and private flights.

Revolutionary Mold & Mildew Cleaner & Prevention

GlanHealth’s safe, non-toxic mold and mildew sanitizer is made with EPA listed ingredients with an FDA-approved active ingredient for long-lasting protection up to 28-days on all surfaces. Alcohol-free, bleach-free, and chlorine-free mold prevention is simple and just a spray away.

Safe Economical Textile Cleaning And Sanitizing

GlanHealth’s alcohol-free, Surface Complete cleans and sanitizes spaces, surfaces, and textiles including leather, metal and electronics. This unique, cost-effective all-purpose formulation lasts up to 28-days per application.

Functional Skincare Products for Daily Repair and Maintenance

In a world with millions of skincare products, finding the ideal product that is safe and effective can be quite a challenge. Learn how you can identify safe, alcohol-free skin repair and maintenance products for everyday use.

History of hand sanitizers

In the absence of soap and water, it has become common practice to use a hand sanitizer. Urban legend states that hand sanitizer was invented in the U.S. in 1966; proof, however, is inconclusive.
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GlanHealth™ sanitizing products provide unrivaled effectiveness and persistence

A science breakthrough used by GlanHealth™ is being deployed globally and it is transforming the sanitizing industry. GlanHealth™ sanitizing products offer the world a safe and innovative way to combat the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

What brand of sanitizer can you trust?

Hand sanitizer recall affects 135 brands. Alcohol-free sanitizing redefines sanitizing science, meets consumer trust with active ingredient plus chemo-electro-mechanical mode of action. GlanHealth’s quality, long-lasting, touchless application is safe and cost-effective sanitizing.