Germiest Kitchen Areas – GlanHealth™ Cleans & Sanitizes All Food Prep Surfaces

Kitchens & restaurants simplify cleaning, sanitizing with GlanHealth™ eco-friendly Food Prep & All-Purpose Surface Complete. 10 mins gains 28-days of purity on all surfaces & equipment.

School Reopening Sanitizing & Child Safety Checklist by GlanHealth™

Reopening schools requires a comprehensive plan. Alternative alcohol-free non-toxic solutions create a breath of fresh air and confidence to reopen schools and address child safety.

Cruise In Confidence With GlanHealth™ Non-Toxic Sanitizing Solutions

Restoring cruise industry and public trust from facilities maintenance to crew member and passenger safety is simple with GlanHealth™.

Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Ensures Public Safety

GlanHealth™ alcohol-free wall mount hand sanitizers increase public safety. Non-toxic quaternary ammonium compound BZK-based formulations are gentle on skin and last up to 4-hours per application.

Green cost-savings with GlanHealth™ eco-friendly cleaning & protection

GlanHealth’s eco-friendly green cleaning and sanitizing products save consumers time and money.

Sanitization Solutions – at Your Service

GlanHealth is pleased to announce the introduction of GlanHealth Services, an innovative and effective way to neutralize harmful germs and bacteria. Effective protection through a touchless application.