Woman discovering a mold has formed near her window

How Dangerous Is Mold?

Mold is a fungus (not a plant) that grows in moist areas, especially in warm weather. It is often found in air conditioners, humidifiers, and wet surfaces such as tiles and grout. Mold can cause a severe health hazard, particularly for people…
GlanHealth Sanitizer for Airplanes
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Is Hand Sanitizer Allowed on Airplanes?

Worried about bringing hand sanitizer on an airplane? Don’t be! Read our new blog and learn what’s permitted and how much you can bring on your next trip.

UV Light, QACs, And Electrostatic Technology For Maximum Strength Cleaning

What happens when you combine UV Light and QACs with Electrostatic Technology? You get a triple threat of germ-killing power that lasts longer.
GlanHealth UV light and QAC products ensure long-lasting protection against germsgerms

UV Light & QACs Provide Long-Term Protection Against Harmful Germs

Did you know? UV light can be used as an effective surface cleaner and for various sanitizing applications. Learn how UV light is effective in killing harmful germs and bacteria.

The On-The-Go Safety Solution for Every Need

Check out the new Portable Protection Kit for the best on-the-go sanitizing solution available. Ideal for multiple industries, professions, and personal use.

The Best Way to Clean and Protect a Car’s Interior

Want to learn the best way to clean and sanitize a car? GlanHealth™ Portable Protection Kit sanitizes high-touch surfaces and objects for up to 28 days!

Safety First: Back to School

Go back-to-school with GlanHealth™ non-toxic and eco-friendly sanitizing solutions! Protection up to 28 days on surfaces and up to 4 hours on the hands and body.

Warehouse Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Safety Tips

Keep your warehouse clean and safe. GlanHealth™ makes warehouse cleaning and sanitizing easy with natural, eco-friendly solutions.

Eco-Friendly, Deodorizing & Deep-Cleaning Fabric Softener

New research indicates the most harmful germs can last for up to 14-days on fabrics and clothing. In response, a safe sanitizing method for all fabric types must be used.

School Reopening Sanitizing & Child Safety Checklist by GlanHealth™

Reopening schools requires a comprehensive plan. Alternative alcohol-free non-toxic solutions create a breath of fresh air and confidence to reopen schools and address child safety.

Green cost-savings with GlanHealth™ eco-friendly cleaning & protection

GlanHealth’s eco-friendly green cleaning and sanitizing products save consumers time and money.

Electrostatic sprayers sanitize vehicles for hire

GlanHealth’s vehicle for hire charter and fleet maintenance using electrostatic sprayers and spot sanitizing is safe, chlorine and bleach-free, alcohol-free, and does not require rinsing.

GlanHealth™ green sanitizing science revolutionizes commercial cleaning and janitorial industry

GlanHealth eco-friendly electrostatic microbe defense spray service persists 28-days. Sanitizing is fast, affordable, and safe.

Sanitizing – an Emerging Trend for Real Estate

GlanHealth’s real estate electrostatic 360-degree service lasts 28-days with a light fresh scent. Sanitizing is fast, affordable, and non-toxic.

Sanitization Solutions – at Your Service

GlanHealth is pleased to announce the introduction of GlanHealth Services, an innovative and effective way to neutralize harmful germs and bacteria. Effective protection through a touchless application.