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Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers, Surface Cleaners, Sanitizing Wipes, and Specialized Protection Kits

GlanHealth’s breakthrough alcohol-free sanitizers deliver effective, long-lasting protection while eliminating harmful germs and bacteria. Our sanitizing products are safe to use on the hands and body as well as virtually all fabrics and surfaces. Sanitize safely and effectively with GlanHealth’s non-flammable, non-irritating, non-corrosive, and non-hazardous sanitizing solutions.

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Manicure-Safe Hand and Body Sanitizers

GlanHealth's water-based, alcohol-free hand and body sanitizers do not damage nail polish, hands, or skin.

Jewelry-Safe Cleaning and Sanitizing with QAC Products

Optimizing your jewelry-safe cleaning and sanitizing habits with GlanHealth™ hand & body sanitizers adds longevity to your jewelry.

The On-The-Go Safety Solution for Every Need

Check out the new Portable Protection Kit for the best on-the-go sanitizing solution available. Ideal for multiple industries, professions, and personal use.

The Best Way to Clean and Protect a Car’s Interior

Want to learn the best way to clean and sanitize a car? GlanHealth™ Portable Protection Kit sanitizes high-touch surfaces and objects for up to 28 days!

Private Labeling: Strategic Branding Leaves a Lasting Impression

Advance your brand with a private label! GlanHealth’s private labeling and white labeling services make branding easy with high-quality sanitizing products.

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Learn more about GlanHealth™ products and services and read the latest sanitizing news and information. Discover why GlanHealth™ is the smart choice when it comes to sanitizing safely and effectively!

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